Married for over 25 years, and knowing the strength of family, community, and connection they've strived to create experiences through their businesses to allow for others to share in these same virtues. ONYX HALL is an invitation to experience life. Nestled in the Tennessee countryside just over an hour outside of Franklin, it's a place to explore and to host your next gathering. Whether you're a bride to be, a leader looking for a conference location, or a musician looking for your next concert venue, we hope that ONYX HALL will be your next venue of choice. With a modern esthetic, unlike most country-side venues, ONYX HALL allows for the simplistic hosting, modern style, and beauty to surround it.

As a one of Nashville's premier designers and owner of the home market experience brand ONYX + ALABASTER, Tanya Hembree and her husband Dan Hembree have always loved the Tennessee countryside. With over 10 years of  Tennessee residence and having raised their 3 children, they have expanded their life by welcoming others into their home and businesses and getting to do that with their newest venture, ONYX HALL.

Meet the Team

Dan Hembree

operations + co-founder

Tanya Hembree

ceo + founder

John Michael Angel

John Michael moved three years ago from sunny Central Florida to pursue his education and start a professional career. Since relocating to Nashville, he has had the opportunity to work in various sales and client experience positions, allowing him to build an invaluable skill set in live events, music, and media settings. He is passionate about establishing authentic connections with clients and offering them a consistent, high-quality experience from start to finish. In everything that he puts his hands to, John Michael strives for creative excellence and would be elated to be part of your event with ONYX HALL.  

Sales associate

We want your event day to be unique to you,  your people, and your purpose.

Experience is what we love.